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The pilgrims with Alan Burns

The Climate Pilgrimage has journeyed through forests, over hills, and across cities, and the pilgrims have found great comfort in the friendship that has been forged by their shared mission. So it was with sadness that on 12 November the group bid farewell to their fellow pilgrim and friend, Alan Burns, who passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Alan dedicated his life to advocating for peace and care for creation. He took part in the Climate Walk in the Philippines in 2014 and  the climate pilgrimage from Rome to Paris in 2015. His pilgrimages have been chronicled on his website, ThinkGlobalGreen, and his blog posts on the current Climate Pilgrimage are the last pieces of his writing. His wife, Liz Burns, wrote, “Alan was a kind soul and a tireless worker for peace, justice, and equality; he lived his life as he hoped others would, and I think he died doing exactly what he wanted to do–helping to save the world.”

Today, the pilgrims honor Alan’s memory by continuing “to protect the people and places [they] love,” as Berenice Tompkins writes in her blog, Climate Footsteps. They keep his work alive by bearing witness to the “conversion of hearts, one person, one village, one company at a time,” as Jane Mellett writes in her blog, Buen Camino. May their stories inspire and transform us as they continue to take action for Alan and for all others who are calling for climate justice.

Flowers in a meadow in Slovenia