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Rainy trails to Ljubljana

The road from Pivka to Ljubljana was soaked with rain, but even in the gloomy weather the pilgrims were captivated by the beauty of the Slovenian countryside. Their mission has also captivated the Slovenian media, and all along the way they were accompanied by journalists from secular and Catholic channels. Click here to read an article published in a major Slovenian news outlet.

Presentation by Mojca Dolinar

After meeting with the media, the pilgrims spent time with local schools, parishes, and community groups in Ljubljana. On the fifth anniversary of typhoon Haiyan, a Franciscan parish lifted prayers for typhoon victims and AG Saño shared his own moving account of the storm. The pilgrims met students from a local montessori school and visited with an enthusiastic Laudato Si’ study group. Finally, a Jesuit parish hosted a roundtable discussion with the pilgrims, local residents, and Mojca Dolinar, a representative from the Slovenian Environment Agency. Ms. Dolinar spoke about the impacts of climate change in Slovenia, which has experienced warming of 2°C, twice the global average.

The pilgrims were accompanied by their local host, Fr. Primosz, and a group of scouts as they made their way to their next stop, Velenje. The rains had ceased, and the sun was shining bright against a clear blue sky. Fr. Primosz observed that it should already be snowing by this time of year, but instead the leaves remained on the trees and the flowers continued to bloom. The scene was picturesque, but it also spoke the truth: God’s creation is in need of healing, and the time to act is now.

Flowers blooming