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Frost in Olomouc, Czech Republic

In contrast to the spring temperatures of Slovenia, the journey through the Czech Republic has been marked with unrelenting cold. The pilgrims arrived today in Dolni Ujezd, covering almost 40 kilometers over the span of two days. These have not been their longest days of walking, but slicing winds and freezing temperatures were constant companions on their journey.

Their walks start in the early morning and end with the coming of dusk, which now begins mid-afternoon. They walk in full winter clothing, which protects them against the cold but adds weight to each step. Walking has become more tiring as their bodies struggle to stay warm, but their breaks have been kept short in order to conserve heat and maintain momentum.

Still, their spirits remain high as they enjoy simple pleasures. As they settled in for the night in Dolni Ujezd, laughter spilled over from the common space. There has been a break in their usual schedule of events, allowing them to recover from daily exposure to the elements. They are days away from crossing the border into Poland, where they will sound the call for climate justice. But this evening they will enjoy the comforts of shelter, friendship, and rest, so that tomorrow they can regain momentum once more.

Meal in Prostejov, Czech Republic