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Belotin, Czech Republic

For the past week, the pilgrims have walked 20-30 kilometers each day in sub-freezing temperatures. As they settled in for the night in Ostrava, a few of the pilgrims tended to aches and pains, quietly praying for strength to continue the walk. In spite of these physical injuries, there is excitement in their hearts as they look forward to tomorrow’s journey–their last border crossing, from Czech Republic into Poland.

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Pilgrims celebrating a 5K milestone

It has been an incredible journey. The group has covered over 1,400 kilometers and traveled through five countries, but it seems like it was not too long ago when they were walking through sunny coastal towns in Italy or blooming meadows in Slovenia. Now they struggle with icy footpaths and frozen water bottles, as well as the growing weariness in their own bodies. They have traveled far, carrying the prayers of the world on their backs and the cry of Creation in their hearts.

“It’s the final push,” said Jane Mellett, a pilgrim from Ireland. Let us send our prayers and warm thoughts to our pilgrims. May God energize, heal, and protect them through the final stretch of their journey.

Snowy intersection in Belotin