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Pilgrims in Imielin

On the eve of their last day on pilgrimage, the group was gathered in a church in Imielin, listening to the beautiful voices of a local choir. “Veni, Sancte Spiritus,” they sang in four-part harmony, the music washing over all in attendance. Indeed, the Holy Spirit has been among the pilgrims and continues to lead them on their incredible journey.

Pro Arte Et Musica Choir

Their evening in Imielin began with a meal with local community groups, town officials, and Mayor Jan Chwiędacz. Residents spoke about their campaign against further coal mining, out of concern for the safety and well-being of their city. The meal was followed by Mass and a choral performance especially dedicated to the pilgrims. Yeb Saño spoke about their mission and expressed solidarity with the city in its efforts to protect creation. The evening ended with a photo session by the church, with the pilgrims and residents holding illuminated signs that read “Save the Climate, Protect People.”

Let us lift our voices in prayer as the pilgrims complete their journey. Let us also pray for those who are gathered at COP24, as they discuss ways to address the climate crisis. May the Holy Spirit come and illuminate our path to a better future for God’s creation.

Illuminated message