In December, the nations of the world will meet in Poland for COP 24. This is the 24th annual conference of the parties to a UN agreement on climate change.

For 24 years, the world has been making incremental progress towards solving climate change, a challenge that threatens the lives and well-being of every person on earth.

Now more than ever, time is running out. Political leaders will not take action unless they know that the people they represent want it. Your response is important.

As a sister, you represent the moral voice. You bring something rare and and crucial to the conversation on climate change.

Patricia Espinosa
Executive Secretary
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Executive Secretary Espinosa:

As you prepare for the upcoming Conference of the Parties in Katowice, Poland, I send you this message of support for your work to protect the most vulnerable of our sisters and brothers.

As a Catholic sister, I am firmly committed to protecting our common home and all who share it. I do not stand alone. The bishops of all continental conferences recently wrote a statement encouraging political leaders to take robust action. Just a few weeks before this statement was published, pilgrims began walking from the Vatican to Katowice, a journey of 1,500 kilometers, to lift up a cry for climate justice.

People of faith are united in wanting action on climate change. We are committed to serving “the least of these,” as our Gospels taught us.

As you are aware, climate change increases the risk of extreme weather, illness, conflict, and migration. As you are also aware, the UNFCCC recently released a report. The report said three things: the dangers past the threshold of 1.5 degrees are catastrophic, the technical solutions to limit warming to 1.5 degrees are already with us, and we must find the political will to decrease emissions by 50% by 2030 in order to meet the 1.5 degrees goal.

My sisters and I will be watching the outcome of COP24, and we pray for your spirit. All of us are counting on you to increase ambition and to negotiate a robust rulebook that will limit global warming to 1.5 degrees.

Sincerely yours,