A Victory for Clean Energy

On November 9th, the pilgrims joined European advocates in celebrating a victory for the clean energy movement.

Day 36: From Pivka to Ljubljana

The road from Pivka to Ljubljana was soaked with rain, but even in the gloomy weather the pilgrims were captivated by the beauty of the Slovenian countryside.

Five Years After Haiyan

Five years ago, the Philippines was struck by the devastation of typhoon Haiyan. One of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever to hit land, Haiyan claimed the lives of over 6,000 people and caused incalculable suffering to millions more.

Day 34: Warmth and Kindness

True to the spirit of All Saints Day, our pilgrims found themselves surrounded by saints in the making throughout the past weekend, paving their path warmth, kindness, and community.

Day 29: The Storms Cease

On the 29th day of the Climate Pilgrimage, the sun shone and the pilgrims made steady progress from Cervignano to Monfalcone.

Art on Pilgrimage

The Climate Pilgrimage is sharing a cry for climate justice all along its 1,500-kilometer journey. Conversations in cities and towns along the route is one way this cry is lifted up. Another call is shared in art. AG Saño, a pilgrim on the journey, is an...

From Dublin to Poland

Jane Mellett is a pilgrim on The Climate Pilgrimage who helped coordinate care for our common home at the World Meeting of Families in Dublin. This is her story. The World Meeting of Families hosted eco-spaces and a Climate Justice Candle, which has been...

Music Speaks Out on Climate Change

The Climate Pilgrimage is a witness to the power of solidarity. In the United Kingdom, musicians and climate change experts are teaming up to support the pilgrimage with an urgent call for action on climate change.

Climate Pilgrimage Statements

The Climate Pilgrimage is uniting people from around the world in delivering the urgent call for climate justice. Play the videos below to hear from our pilgrims: French, France English, United States Swahili, Kenya English, United Kingdom Tagalog, Philippines...

UN report: 1.5 degrees

The UN’s climate science body, the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, has released its much-awaited report on global warming, and its message is clear: we must act now to prevent the worst of the climate catastrophe.