The Journey Continues

The Catholic Pilgrimage has completed its 1,500-kilometer journey through sunshine, rain, and snow, across meadows and mountaintops, from coastal towns to historic cities.

Day 62: Illuminating the Path

On the eve of their last day on pilgrimage, the group was gathered in a church in Imielin, listening to the beautiful voices of a local choir.

Day 62: The Last Border Crossing

The pilgrims have entered the sixth and final country in their journey: Poland. This border crossing begins the final chapter of the Climate Pilgrimage, but the mission is far from over.

Day 60: The Final Push

For the past week, the pilgrims have walked 20-30 kilometers each day in sub-freezing temperatures.

Day 57: Momentum

In contrast to the spring temperatures of Slovenia, the journey through the Czech Republic has been marked with unrelenting cold.

Continuing the Journey

The Climate Pilgrimage has journeyed through forests, over hills, and across cities, and the pilgrims have found great comfort in the friendship that has been forged by their shared mission.

Climate Stories from the Road

For the past couple of years, I have been involved with an initiative called Climate Stories Project, which seeks to give a human face to the climate crisis by sharing personal and local stories of how climate change is affecting people and communities around the world.

Typhoon Haiyan: Stories from Survivors

It has been five years since Typhoon Haiyan killed thousands of people in the Philippines. The storm was linked to climate change. The Climate Pilgrimage commemorated the fifth anniversary by hosting an online conversation between Haiyan survivors AG Saño and Joanna...

Step by Step for Climate Justice

An interdependent world not only makes us more conscious of the negative effects of certain lifestyles and models of production and consumption which affect us all; more importantly it motivates us to ensure that solutions are proposed from a global perspective, and not simply to defend the interests of a few countries.