Pilgrims in Assisi

On 12 October, The Climate Pilgrimage arrived in Assisi, Italy, the city of St. Francis.

The Climate Pilgrimage: First Steps

The Climate Pilgrimage has begun! On October 4th, pilgrims from the Philippines, the Pacific Islands, Europe, and the United States, took the first steps of their 1,500-kilometer journey from the Vatican City to the UN climate talks in Katowice, Poland.

Our walk for justice

We are walking from the Vatican to Katowice to raise a prophetic voice for action on climate change.

The pilgrims

The Climate Pilgrimage is led by Yeb Saño, the former lead climate negotiator for the Philippines.

The 2015 pilgrimage

In 2015, Yeb Saño embarked on an international journey to collect witness to the consequences of the climate crisis.